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Wilmington Rehabilitation Courtyards


Date: 2020

Location: Wilmington, MA

Project Team: Watson Salembier + Micky Klein Assoc + Jaca Architects

Client: Rockpoint Development Group

Watson Salembier designed the rehabilitation courtyard sited within a courtyard building for the Advinacare Elderly Care Facility at Wilmington, using a rewilding approach. 

The design introduced native vegetation, inspired by the surrounding forested landscape, and incorporated a sustainable and safe material palette for the residents. Continuing the forested landscape surrounding the site, the courtyard entrance opens with a bluestone pathway that takes the user through a forested cluster of birches, that limit the view and enhance the entry sequence experience. In the center of the courtyard, a timber pergola and seating area are flanked by a reflection pool that bisects the pathway and offers a reflective surface to experience the changing sky above. A bridge over the pool leads to a fire pit plaza, and onto a putting green surrounded by long grasses. A rubberized activity area leads off the gym and a timber patio off the elderly daycare facility, that is set amongst a fern garden. A sunken plaza offers an immersive experience of the garden’s blooms. 

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