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Vanderbilt Ave 

Date: 2021 - Current

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Project Team: Watson Salembier, SO-IL, ONP Lighting, Silman Assoc.

Client: Tankhouse

Lofted Green is an exploration of ReWilding deployed by using a concept of the  Ecotone as a gradient of green within a multistorey housing complex.

Reflecting the organization of the porous architecture, which fosters a sense of community by creating connections to the neighborhood, our design concept works with the gradient of public to private spaces.  The design will amplify the multi-sensory experience of the gradient of green, by exploring the color, texture, three-dimensionality, seasonality and sustainability of our ecosystems and their overlapping ecotones. The green spaces of 134 Vanderbilt are envisioned as shared spaces for a variety of interactions between all living inhabitants, including people, plants and animals. The landscape will compliment 134 Vanderbilt’s identity, by using the multi-scalar concept of the Ecotone as a design tool to introduce diversity and interactivity, within the gradient of green spaces. 


As in nature, the Ecotone is a threshold, where points of attraction are located and a mix of interactions take place. As a multi-scalar, transitional zone, between architectural and green space programs, the Ecotone is where a common design language is established. The Ecotone will be characterized by the diversity of species interactions and material language intended to enhance the sensorial experiences of these threshold spaces.

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