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Polly King Fashion House Showroom

Union Square Fashion Showroom


Date:  2019

Location: New York City, NY

Project Team: Watson Salembier

Client: Watson Salembier

Watson Salembeir designed the interior landscape design for the Polly King office and showroom to amplify an iconic mix of business and beauty.

With spaces in several cities across the globe, a signature international style imagined with a palette of color and texture, that is reflective of local climate, culture, and style. Reflecting the sustainable ethos of the company, a design concept is envisioned that works collaboratively with a gradient of public to private program from the showroom to the office. The interior landscape will amplify Polly King’s identity, by exploring color, texture, three-dimensionality, seasonality and sustainability, with a strong connection to the earthly realms of the multiple senses. All surfaces are spaces for design intervention, including floors, walls, ceilings, and the in-between inhabited by architectural elements such as curtains and screens. Living systems can blur boundaries, screen spaces, and dampen noise while improving health and well-being.

Julia Watson_FINAL-07.png
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