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Glimcher Residence in Sagaponack New York


Date: 2018

Location: Sagaponack, NY

Project Team: Julia Watson

Client: Private

Julia was the landscape concept designer for the 1.3-hectare estate which was conceived around the idea of a secret, sunken garden circumambulated by an Art Walk.

The Art Walk circumnavigates the site like a medicine wheel and is similar to a traditional kora, pradakshina, or yatra. It is a pilgrimage route with four ceremonial spaces that align with the directions of the compass. The Art Walk is to be walked in a clockwise direction starting at the Southern Ceremonial Space. In the ceremony, one works their way around the medicine wheel in four directions - from South to West to North to East. Along the Art Walk, a series of sculptures will be featured as well as intimate spaces for reflection.

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