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Rockefeller Center Interior Lobbies

Date: August 2022

Location: New York, USA

Project Team: Watson Salembier

Client: Tishman Speyer

Watson Salembier designed an indoor planting palette where cascading English ivy, fig vine, and rabbit foot fern grow abundantly throughout the lobbies of Rockefeller Center, bringing lush greenery to the acclaimed art deco site.

The interior landscapes of the Rockefeller Center lobbies are an extension of the Rewilding Operation that Watson Salembier conducted throughout the Rockefeller Center Campus.

The goal of this project was to create a concourse in which man-made structure and nature evolve in symbiosis to create a healthy, interesting and joyful atmosphere for all visitors. A thorough analysis of the interior condition and all its constraints have been analyzed in order to propose a variety of planting that will thrive throughout the year.

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