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Julia Watson has pledged to donate a percentage of profits in support of the indigenous communities in Lo—TEK, Design by Radical Indigenism, specifically: the Living Bridge Foundation in Pynursla in the East Khasi Hills of India, the Nature Iraq organization working with the the Ma'dan of the Southern Wetlands of Iraq, Give A Little Ektu Deen  Foundation in the Eastern Kolkata Wetlands of India, and BEEs working with the Tofinu fishermen of Benin.

Julia Watson: The Power of Lo-TEK

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In her studio, Julia Watson offers highly creative and conceptual, interdisciplinary thinking. With many years and a multitude of experience, she approaches design through an anthropological and ecological lens. Julia offers expert consulting and design services for ecological, indigenous landscape and urban design. Her recent book Lo—TEK, Design by Radical Indigenism is a sold out bestseller. Listen below for recent conversations.

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Orbit Radio with Mike Hagan
EcoCiv Ep38 on Lo—TEK
The Slowdown Ep35 on Lo—TEK
Monocle On Design Ep454
IMPAKT Festival Interview

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Julia - Landscape & Urban Design, Nature-Based Culture & Innovation 
Marie - Landscape Design & Horticulture 
Jaime - Urban Design, Architecture & Research 
TBD  - Urban Design & Research 

The Philosophy Of Dumbness
by Oro Editions Upcoming

published by Springer Lo—Tek: Underwater and Intertidal Technologies December 2020

Landscape Architecture Frontier 045
Vol 8 Issue 3 Nature-Based Solutions and Urban Resilience Print Only June 2020

Topos Water Issue 111
Towards a New Vernacular June 2020

ioArch One Earth Issue
A Lo–Tek Life After Covid-19 June 2020


Together as a landscape & urban design studio, Julia Watson & Marie Salembier are  exploring the rewilding of landscapes. Typically defined as restoring an ecosystem, rewilding is redefined as an untaming of urbanism towards  radical localism. Biodiversity becomes the building block of diverse, local symbioses –anthropological, zoological & horticultural.

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