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Gowanus Canal Competition


Date: 2013

Location: New York, NY

Project Team: Julia Watson

Client: Gowanus Conservancy

SO-IL [Soft Operations, Insert Life] activates ecology by proposing sustainable systems to clean the Gowanus Superfund site.

The soft operations begin in the soil bio-reactor building, a micro-municipal wastewater treatment facility inserted to purify contaminated soils and reduce the instance of CSO pollution in the Gowanus Canal. Inside an adjacent soil composting facility, earthworms produce high-quality soil that will eventually be transferred and used for the process of water purification in the soil bio-reactor. Other soft operations embedded in the system include the Dig-In Flow of the stormwater filter park, the Live-In Reef interactive oyster purification habitat canoeing jetty, and the Live-In Skin avian habitat inserted into the facade of the soil bio-reactor building. This competition entry for the Gowanus Lowline: Connections Ideas Competition was selected for display in the Gowanus By Design Exhibition.

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