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Date: March–October 2023

Location: Weil am Rhein, Germany

Project Team: Julia Watson

Project Client: Vitra

Garden Futures explores the history and future of modern gardens. Where do today’s garden ideals come from? Will gardens help us achieve a liveable future for everyone?

Julia Watson and Lo—TEK were featured in Vitra Design Museum's traveling exhibition and publication Garden Futures in 2023. The exhibition poses questions about contemporary garden ideals and their role in shaping a liveable future. It showcases diverse examples, from urban farms to community gardens and works by renowned designers like Roberto Burle Marx and Derek Jarman.

Julia's spotlight in the exhibition, publication, and her online interview addresses how ancient practices that have been sustained across the world for generations have the power to tackle climate-related stressors. Curators centered her mission to integrate this framework of traditional ecological knowledge into contemporary landscape practice. 

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