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Cotswolds Rewilding

Farm & Corporate Retreat


Date: 2020 - Current

Location: Cotswolds, UK

Project Team: Watson Salembier

Client: Private 

Press: Dezeen

Watson Salembier designed a rewilded landscape for a farm in the Cotswolds that is planned to be converted to a Weekend Wellness Retreat for Corporate Offices that is close to London.

The rewilding will be deployed through three operations; Planting, Carving & Clearing. These operations will transform the site, allowing the land to express itself by igniting and guiding ecological processes. Rewilding promotes an intrinsic nature of the site, it is an amplification of latent energies and a fostering of multiple exchanges that will be unified by the contemplative movement of peoples through points of passive and active experience. The design will reintroduce a series of habitats that will form a three-dimensional landscape in which trees, shrubs, vines, grasses, and the rhizosphere interact. These habitats include a Productive Beechwood Forest, a Native Orchid and Grassland habitat, Rain Gardens, Wet and Dry Native Hedgerows, and an Oak and Native Meadow Habitat. This last habitat will support the restoration of the Cotswolds meadows of wildflower over the rich Jurassic limestone grassland.

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