Rockefeller Center Channel Gardens

Date: Ongoing

Location: New York, NY

Project Team: Watson Salembier + 4X8 Workshop + Anna Karlin Studio

Client: Rockefeller Center Tishman Speyer

Press: Dezeen

Provision of Ecosystem Services in an Urban Oasis

The Channel Gardens at Rockefeller Center act as a corridor for pollinating animals and insects within the dense urban fabric. The conservation of the wildness of the Northeast is dependent on these species as well as human participation in providing ecosystem services. Through thoughtful plant and material selection, specific species of birds, butterflies, and bees will be attracted throughout the


The native plantings and resulting urban wildlife will serve as a dynamic educational tool for the public. The performative narrative will encourage discourse surrounding the topic of urban ecologies, raising awareness about the importance of flora and fauna in the current era of climate change.

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