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Venice Architecture Biennale 2023
Danish Pavilion Coastal Imaginaries

Date: May - November 2023

Location: Venice, Italy

Project Team: Julia Watson

Client: Danish Architecture Center + 18th International Architecture Biennale 

Under the heading Coastal Imaginaries, the Danish pavilion at the 2023 Architecture Biennale highlighted  nature-based design solutions in the struggle against global challenges like rising sea levels and storm floods.

Julia Watson contributed her expertise in nature-based innovation to the Danish Pavilion's 2023 exhibition Coastal Imaginaries and its corresponding publication, Critical Coast. Coastal Imaginaries is a dramatic narrative that through future scenarios show how the Copenhagen coastline might evolve if we employ nature-based solutions. With a combination of speculative scenography and displays of novel research projects, the exhibition invites the audience to explore the fragility and beauty of the coastal landscape.

As a laboratory of hope in the midst of universal hopelessness, Coastal Imaginaries offers a catalogue of proposals for a coastal future grounded in nature-based and sustainable solutions. Visitors at the Danish Pavilion will therefore gain insight into concrete principles for how we can adapt to the rising sea levels and ever more frequent storm floods caused by climate change, which will dramatically change our coastal landscapes this century.

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