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Bridgehampton Residence 


Date: 2017 - 2018

Location: The Hamptons, NY

Project Team: Julia Watson

Client: Rashid Johnson

Julia was the designer for the clearing and pathway through the private woodland in Bridgehampton, owned by contemporary African-American artist Rashid Johnson.

The site, located at the rear of the 6-acre forested property, was overgrown and impenetrable creating a dead zone; both visually and physically. The design envisioned ‘The Path’, a journey composed of various spaces that one can experience along its length that merge together amassing into a mental meditation composed of seven experiences; the earth, the sky, and five other distinct spaces that exist between them. The experiences include; the Collection, the Cleansing, the Pyramid, the Reflection, and the Listening Circle.

Julia Watson_FINAL-07.png
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