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Breakfast Point Residential Estate


Date: 2000 - 2015

Location: Sydney, AUS

Project Team: Context + Julia Watson

Client: Rosecorp

Julia working in collaboration with Context to prepare the landscape master plan and urban design manual for the redevelopment of the former AGL Gasworks site on the Parramatta River.

The landscape master plan vision for Breakfast Point is based on a ’New Urbanism’ approach with the design founded upon the vision of creating a place with a strong sense of identity, a unifying theme, distinctive character, and community image. Landscape public domain features include the Village Green recreational oval, Waterfront Park, Village Centre, Foreshore Promenade, a vibrant Waterfront Square, Breakfast Point Marina, Breakfast Point Lookout, and Heritage Park. The master plan outlines the ESD principles required to create a landscape with high biodiversity, through the successful integration of more traditional exotic garden planting themes with low water use and indigenous plants to improve the sustainability of the site.

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