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Designer, activist, academic, and author of Lo—TEK,
Design by Radical Indigenism.

Julia Watson is a best selling author, a TED fellow and a leading expert of Lo—TEK nature-based technologies for climate-resilience. Her eponymously named studio brings creative and conceptual, interdisciplinary thinking to design projects and corporations interested in systemic and sustainable change. 


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Our Time on Earth | Musée de la Civilisation (MCQ)

06/15/2023 - 12/17/2023
Musée de la Civilisation (MCQ)




Julia Watson LLC has pledged to donate a percentage of profits in support of the indigenous communities in Lo—TEK, Design by Radical Indigenism.


Working at the intersection of anthropology, ecology, innovation as an eponymously named design studio. Julia partners with experts to provide a full service design team landscape & urban design studio specializing in rewilding for people and place.



Working for Fortune 500 companies to align their missions with global sustainability goals. Julia collaborates to design and implement systemic change within Sustainability, Innovation & Futures sectors.


Lecturing at Harvard, Columbia and other universities for over a decade on her expertise in designing for sustainability, climate resilience and nature-based technology. Julia's spoken for TED 2020, NIKE, Accenture, The Long Now, Time Sensitive and more.



Contributing to exhibitions across the globe, Julia's work on Lo—TEK has been featured at venues including the Venice Biennale, the Design Museum of London, MODA, 751 International Design Festival, BIO27: Super Vernaculars, and Abierto Mexicano De Diseño. Her uniquely commissioned piece titled 'The Symbiocene' for The Barbican's 'Our Time on Earth' Exhibition, will be open to the public on May 5th.

STUDIO BONN – Contracts for earth

STUDIO BONN – Contracts for earth

Within a mere two hundred years, the capitalist way of running the economy has revealed itself as unsustainable: it is destroying its own ecological and social foundations. Indigenous economies, on the other hand, have worked for millennia – and are increasingly being discussed as solutions for coping with climate change. Studio Bonn presents three models of global cooperation that combine sustainability and social justice. The design expert Julia Watson, author of Lo-TEK. Design by Radical Indigenism, Taschen 2021, has researched indigenous architectures all over the world. To ensure that the transfer of knowledge does not lead to one-sided exploitation, she has developed a new business model: An oral smart contract, developed with experts in indigenous law, allows companies that use indigenous knowledge to share profits with the indigenous communities that originated it via blockchain. The initiative, named The Symbiocene, is currently being presented in the exhibition Our Time on Earth at the Barbican in London The diplomat and computer scientist Youssef Nassef has coordinated resilience work in the United Nations system for 23 years, after having served as a diplomat and climate change negotiator for ten years before that. Disillusioned with the impact of the post industrial-revolution war on the biosphere, he and the new Bonn-based UN initiative Resilience Frontiers are using the knowledge of writers, film directors and data analysts to gear our attitudes, thoughts and actions towards the impending destruction of the planet. On a former palm oil plantation in Lusanga, Congo, Ced’Art Tamasala and Mathieu Kasiama and the Congolese Plantation Workers’ Art League (Cercle d’art des travailleurs de plantation congolaise, CATPC) engage with the history of the colonial exploitation of palm oil and cocoa plantations. CATPC’s chocolate sculptures have been exhibited at the SculptureCenter in New York and elsewhere. The day before the Studio Bonn event, at Art Basel, CATPC and artist Renzo Martens will sell 300 NFTs of a Diviner’s Figure carved in 1931 during the Pende uprising against Belgian colonial rule and now preserved at the Virginia Museum of Art. The proceeds will be used to buy back land and revitalise cultural traditions and sustainable agriculture. In the documentary series Plantations and Museums, Tamasala and Mathieu explore the history of the sculpture and of cultural exploitation in general. STUDIO BONN. Listening to the Future Exchange Values CONTRACTS FOR EARTH with JULIA WATSON CATPC (Ced’Art Tamasala und Mathieu Kasiama with Renzo Martens) YOUSSEF NASSEF Chair: Kolja Reichert The video is a recording of Studio Bonn from 15 June 2022.